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 House of Health Masterclass Seven Plus Webinars (Valued At $2079.00)
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 Dani Clifford from Qld Australia . For nearly a decade I lived with 
 chest and respiratory challenges,  which worsened over time.    
Often I would require hospitalisation and sometimes I would lose consciousness. By the start of 2018 I had been prescribed Ventolin, Prednisone, Steroids, was on a nebuliser and advised to carry an Epi-pen. Thankfully in March of 2018 I went on Dr Wayne’s 3 step Programme. As sceptical as I was nothing else had helped me and I was prepared to try anything. After 5 months I have had no major breathing episodes and have not required any hospitalisation, I love life and am looking forward to a healthy future.  
Thank you Dr Wayne." 
 Trish Harkins. Adelaide SA. ...Two different Rheumatologists told me in 2010 that I had a very aggressive form of rheumatoid arthritis and would be in a wheelchair within 6 weeks.Dr Wayne SAVED MY LIFE !!! When I was 65 I didn't believe I would make it to 70. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN !!!Many, many thanks Dr Wayne." 
 Kevin Ho from Singapore suffered 4 years of Ill health due to heavy metal toxicity. Kevin spent over $55,000 dollars during those 4 years trying to get well, going to the best Doctors, functional medicine Dr’s, hospitals, Naturopaths and TCM Practitioners to no benefit. Kevin was introduced to Dr Wayne in mid 2017 and after only 4 days noticed changes and after 4 months was 90% improved. Kevin regained his Family, his health and is ever so thankful for picking up the phone and calling Dr Wayne!

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